Shreeji Shrink System
Shreeji Shrink System
Shreeji Shrink System Shreeji Shrink System Shreeji Shrink System
Shreeji Shrink System

Shreeji Shrink System
Shreeji Shrink System
Shreeji Shrink System
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Delta Shrink Sleever

We are the leading Manufacturer of Delta Shrink Sleever and our product is made of good quality.

By the Use of advanced technology and skill of our experienced professionals make our range of automatic sleeve wrapping machine highly popular. These machines are useful for the neck and full body sleeving of tins, bottles, cans, container, cylindrical bottles etc.

Delta Shrink Sleever

Description of Product :
  • Product Name:-Sleeve Wrapper
  • Model:- sss-5040
  • Brand shreeji
  • Working range :- variable
  • Min ordering :-1pcs
  • Power :-8kw
  • Capacity :-1-10m/mim
  • Outside Dimension :-3150¡ Á950¡ Á1600mm 450kg
  • Dimension :- variable
  • Package :- wooden
  • Delivery date :- 30days
This new shrink system gives you complete automatic, Competitively price, trouble free services. It's a good friend for big packs purpose of tins, bottles, cans etc. Shrink tunnel SSS-5040 is built with a variable speed conveyor with silicon covered rollers. Air blower gives a proportion of recirculated hot air to suit various package sizes, shapes, and types and thickness of the film. Additional cooling air blower special for PE shrink film. Automatic sleeve wrapping machine SSS-5040S gives you a complete finger-free, the photo valve controls the position and quantity of products which conveyed by heavy duty conveyor. The heavy duty cast steel Teflon covered sealing Jags feature a retune height adjustment. The loading platform adjusts by hand for various package width. The film cradle adjusts by hand for different roll widths.

Specifications :
Container : Cylindrical Bottles / container
Sleeve applying area : Body sleeving / neck sleeving
Bottle Dia : 30 mm to 100 mm
Capacity : 80-100 bottles / minute
Sleeve cut length : 50 mm to 200 mm

Machine Features :
1.Fully automatic operation
2.Rigid Structure
3.Good Speed
4.PLC Controlled
5.Machine will have manual up & down arrangement
6.Shrink Tunnel.

Floor Space requirement
Approximately 1 mtr from all sides of the machine. Hence clearance of 1 mtr should be added to the actual size of the machine i.e 4 mtrs x 2.2 mtrs x 3 mtrs height.
Operator requirement
1 Skilled operator, 1 semi – skilled operator.
Electrical Supply
Connected load 2 KW, 415 ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 3% 3 Phase Earth & Neutral
3 Phase electric supply. 5HP Compressor, since the machine requires clean and dry air supply for pneumatic cylinders.
1 Caps should be properly seated on the bottle
2 Operator should understand the working of the machine properly
Delta Shrink Sleever
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Shreeji Shrink System

Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine

We are the leading Manufacturer of Automatic Sleeve wrapping machine and our product is made of good quality.

We have a range of user-friendly sleeve wrapping machinery serve the food beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dairy and other industries.

Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Tins
  • Containers etc.
Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine
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Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine

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