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Stretch Wrapping Machines

Keeping pace with latest technology, Shreeji Shrink System presents its matchless range of stretch wrapping machinery, which is used for wrapping even heavy weight in minimal time. Developed in modern design, our pallet wrapping machinery are resistant to corrosion and last for long time. These machines are characterized by less maintenance, superior work and cost effective prices.

Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch wrapping machines are machines that are used to wrap plastic foil and films around a pallet load.

Turntable diameter 1500 mm
Turntable height 80 mm
Max. wrapping area 1300 * 1300 mm
Max. wrapping height 2000 mm
Max. wrapping weight 2000 Kg
Turntable speed 0-13 circle / min
Film elevation speed 0-3 m / min
Turntable motor 1 HP
Film elevator motor 1/8 HP
Pre-stretch head motor ¼ HP 1/5 Ratio
Machine dimensions W*H? 2600*1500*2400mm
Power source 220 V/ 50 Hz

Specifications :
  • Turntable start button
  • Turntable start button
  • Film elevator up button to warp with the upper package
  • Film elevator down button to wrap with the lower package
  • Film elevator stop button to stop lifting
  • Circle of bottom wrapping setting
  • Turntable strait button to start wrapping
  • Turntable stop button stop slowly and cut the film.
  • Power switch is safety mechanism for the any damage sue to operator improper operation
  • Emergency stop button
  • Self-Protection Switch
  • Film tension control is applied with mechanical flexible breaking
  • Partial wrapping reinforcement to increase wrapping strength on part of a package
  • Photocell sensing device to detect the package height. Wrapping methods fully automatic otherwise manual operation in trouble
  • Self - testing system Easily do maintenance and save repair time. Pre-stretch function.
  • Pressure plate (Optional).
  • Ramp (Optional).
  • Manual Mode
  • Auto mode in normal operation
  • Film tension adjustment button
  • Turntable speed adjustment button
  • Film elevator speed adjustment button
Stretch Wrapping Machines
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Shreeji Shrink System

Pallet stretch Wrapping Machine

We are the leading Manufacturer of Pallet stretch Wrapping Machine and our product is made of good quality.

Product Details :

Power Supply 220, 380, 415, 440V(50/60HZ)
Height 1350mm
Turntable diameter2430mm
Turntable speed15rpm
Loading Weight 2000kgs(Can be customized)
Weight 2400 kgs

Technical Specifications :
  • Model name is PW-2413VH.
  • Size L3800xW2430xH2000mm.
  • Power Supply 3Ø, 220, 380, 415, 440V(50/60HZ)
Pallet stretch Wrapping Machine
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Shreeji Shrink System